Long-awaited post: the zero waste project

After taking a look at the archives widget of my blog, I am really surprised myself. I’ve noticed that I am most active in the ninth month of the year. Most of my posts and upload is done in the September month. It is perhaps the best and fertile month for my brain.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do this post for very long time. But I was too caught up with my photography madness and desire to show the frames and photographic skills to the world – to be approved, accepted and appreciated by fellow facebookers and bloggers – that a lot of things other than internet and camera seemed like a secondary thing. With each “Like” on the post, you are elevated to another level and it drives you to sheer madness. I would be lying if I say that I don’t care about the “Likes”. As a matter of fact, there’s no control to my cupidity. That’s why I have deactivated my facebook account. Sadly, we have to request the facebook people to delete permanently one’s account. Looks like I have tied a Gordian knot.

There’s a problem with the “Likes” also. You know! it’s really hard to tell whether the likes are really “Sincere and admiring Likes” or just “Poor guy! No like at all. Let me donate one for him Likes.” But who the hell cares, the more is merrier.

When all is been said and done for the sake of the blog’s popularity, you step out of your comfort zone and begin to explore new places.  And most often your zealousness hits rock bottom when you see others’ works. No matter how hard we may try, we end up comparing ourselves to others. And when you feel you are too amateurish for the job, then you find times for other things you like to do.

I am really happy with myself. Despite a year and half of intense affairs with facebook, and apart from my teaching job, I could find time to do what I’m really fond of doing – doing artwork. So I‘m happy indeed. In fact, I am very excited to publicize my artworks (Zero Waste Project); I have done it earlier on my other sites though. I sincerely hope that when you hit the “Likes” this time, it’ll be a sincere like – coming straight from your heart. I am wondering if I have also become a citizen of narcissist nation.

I called my artworks a “Zero Waste Project” because it is based on Zero Waste concept, which give emphasizes on waste prevention as opposed to end of pipe waste management. Zero waste concept include eliminating waste through recycling and reuse, it focuses on restructuring production and distribution system to reduce waste. I hope it’s pretty obvious now that I have created all my artworks with waste materials. From Poly bags, waste paper, cloth scraps, food packages, and so on. This was the finest way to contribute something to nature – in a small way, of course.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank thanal and it’s Zero waste Centre for introducing me to Zero Waste. The works done by you guys are truly inspiring. And thanks mom for your support. You must have become immune to my habit of shutting myself from social hubbub.

Here are some of my works,

Title: Native American
A tribute to Tiger
Title: Ode to Tiger
Title: Mahatma
Title: Revolutionary Che
Belly full of plastic
Title: Belly full of plastics