The Ginger Cat

The Ginger Cat

Benj Adwga wasn’t very fond of cat. Yet he didn’t mind all his neighbors’ cats’ occasional visit to his house. He disliked them especially during the mating season when they would wail into the night, much like the cries of human babies, in search of a sexual mate. It used to send shivers down to his spine.

It was a day off for him from his daily grind. He was on his porch, enjoying his free dosage of vitamin D, drop-shipped by the mother sun, when he noticed a solid ginger adult cat near a drain.

The cat was male. Benj instantly recognized this after seeing a bulge between hind legs, which was visible even from a distance, which also gave away the sex of the feline.

The cat was trying to cross the drain.  But he appeared to be a bit hesitant. He would put his paw forward and would retreat it immediately.  It went on for a while. Finally he mustered all his courage and leaped. Instead of landing on the other side, he fell right into the drain.

Benj decided not to interfere and remained where he was, as an observant.

Perhaps the cold blackish water of the drain stunned the cat and it triggered a panic in him but he somehow emerged from the drain, completely soaked in sludge. He turned and fled away in horrific excitement.

Benj couldn’t understand why the cat landed on drain rather than on surface of the other side. He wondered if the cat decided halfway not to cross the drain. It puzzled him.

The cat returned a week later. He saw him resting on the piles of firewood that had been set out in the sun to dry. Benj was in hurry, but saw his gooey watery eyes in some way. He stopped and gave a second look. In fact, the ginger cat was blind.


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