By hook or by crook

By hook or by crook - wordpress Even on cold days, I tend to let in as much liquid into my stomach as on any hot days, though I knew in my heart that it would keep me busy all day.

Sometimes, my female colleagues at school, would often eye it suspiciously as to why I need to use the rest room so often. However, they never mentioned it openly.

I even once visited a clinic to know if it is an illness which is causing me an unusual thirst and the frequent urination. The doctor ran some tests. A day later, I was told by the doctor that all tests were fine. And he said, “You’re in good health”.

That was it.  I was finally composed. I said to myself, “There’s nothing I should fret about”.


After conducting term-end examinations for the school children, the entire school staffs were invited for lunch at our school principal’s residence.

Before we set out on our short trip, I excused myself and headed directly towards the rest room so as not to cause any trouble on the way.

As soon as we reached his home, the sky turned really ugly. The bright blue sky was hurriedly overlapped by dark gray clouds. While we were having our Poré O, the rain prolifically poured down upon the land.

In the following hours, after downing a few mugs, the bladder urged me urgently to empty it.

Rain was noisily drumming on the corrugated tin roof. It was even difficult to hear our own voice. Such was the uproar.

Amid such commotion, I went down to use the toilet. The bathroom-cum-toilet door was open. The door had a hook locking system. As I was unzipping my pants, someone hooked and locked the door.

I called out to someone. I called out to Principal. I called out to principal’s wife. I called out to my colleagues. But the clamor of unremitting rain had utterly muffled the call for help.

Suddenly, I remembered my cell phone in my trouser pocket. I could phone my colleagues or my principal to tell my dilemma. To my ill luck, there was no network signal.

I looked around the bathroom for some solid materials to unhook the hook through the narrow gap between the door and the frame.

Near the soap case, I saw a broken metal tongue cleaner. I prayed and hoped that it would free me from confinement. I slid the metal through the gap and tried to raise the hook. Alas! It was too lean to unhook it. I attempted several times to hoist the heavy hook with the lean metal. But it won’t budge.

I got frustrated. I was hungry. I decided to wait for the rain to stop. I decided to wait for someone to come and set me free.

Above the WC, there was a window ventilator. I thought there’s no harm in trying. Besides, it was almost an hour since I got trapped inside the toilet.

My colleagues asked, “Where the hell have you been? What’s that in your head?”

I had no idea what was on my head. It felt sticky when I run my fingers through my hair. It was actually a cobweb. Perhaps it got stuck to my hair while I was slipping away from window ventilator.

They wanted to know how did I get dry cobweb on my head on such rainy day and they insisted. Finally I succumbed and told the whole episode. They all had a hearty laugh and so were the rains. So it seemed.


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